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New Phone: The Note 5

So some time ago I posted that I had options for a new phone, so I thought I ought to follow-up with the phone I went with.

galaxy-note5_gallery_with-spen_blackI ended up deciding I really wanted the Note 5. I’ve had three other Samsung phones. I got the 64gb version, the day it became available. I gave the guy at the Verizon store a lot of shit because he didn’t stock the 64gb version. I also gave him the voice that… sometimes, there are super users… and if you aren’t going to give me a 128gb option, you need to give me a card slot, no joke… though I know that this isn’t something he can fix. He can provide that feedback to someone. πŸ™‚

It’s a huge, fast phone. The new Touchwiz is natively theme-able, which I thought was a great improvement… then Samsung wouldn’t let me have access to the app to design themes for it because I didn’t have a portfolio……………. and let me tell you, the themes that were being put out there in their store… they were so stupid. They were so dang stupid. I guess that’s what Samsung wants.

My phone is encrypted, but it doesn’t ask me for an unlock code to decrypt my internal storage volume. I don’t know how I feel about that. It does have a fingerprint scanner, which is hella convenient so far. I keep trying to get my Galaxy Tab 4 (8″) to open that way and I’m all disappointed when it can’t. You are able to pin the things you use the most in the Settings menu so you aren’t stuck looking for them (and not finding them) constantly.

Not sure if it’s a problem with the headphones or the phone or maybe just some level of incompatibility between the older firmware on the headphones and the bluetooth software on the phone. My Bose AE2W, when you first turn them on, are supposed to automatically connect to anything they’ve previously connected to that’s in range and on. My phone is always near when I turn them on. The headphones connect, then disconnect, then maybe two minutes later, reconnect. I can try to speed up this process by opening up the bluetooth settings on the phone and trying to manually force the connection… sometimes turning off the bluetooth radios on the phone and turning them back on helps… sometimes not. I don’t know. It’s probably the most annoying part of all of this.

In the summer, I got a Kenwood in my van. I drive a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. It’s a great van, but just before a lot of the wireless capabilities that are now available standard in just about everything. So I had to use a really awful auxiliary port that I had installed by the guys at Best Buy. I had been through half a dozen cables and everything was still awful and crackly. This Kenwood was a full job. The radio pairs with the phone, flawlessly. It makes calls, plays, pauses, changes tracks on my Google Music All Access. The steering wheel control the radio that controls the phone… It’s spiffy. πŸ™‚ I use this probably the very most.

All of the things I do regularly… play Dungeon Keepers and Boom Beach and Shipwrecked… listen to music… surf Google Plus… text the hell out of peeps… shop online… all great with the phone.

Android Pay works pretty well with it. I’ve also used it to pay with PayPal, which is also pretty spiffy. Samsung Pay blows so far, we’ll see how that goes.

The phone is fairly comparable with the Note 3 I traded in for it in terms of size. Battery life is better. Screen dims more for the dark. I do still use Nova Launcher… even after paying like $9 for Next 3D. It’s ok. I really like Nova. πŸ™‚

I feel like, overall, I have a better, faster version of the phone I had and loved. Nothing hugely horrible about it that makes me regret getting it. If you like the Note series, or even the S series Samsung phones, you’d really like this.

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Review: It Follows

Warning: Spoilers.

Ok, peeps. This is a horror flick. For sure. My husband didn’t like one part of it, and I’ll give him that part, but that’ll come later.it-follows-main

First, I’ll give it this: people were obviously acting. I mean, obviously acting. Conversations between characters were unnatural and forced. This is my one criticism.

In this story, a girl is seeing a cute guy who gets her into the back seat of his car. Things happen, of course, and then he knocks her out and ties her to a wheel chair… to show her this present he gave her: this thing that follows her.

The rules are simple: don’t let it touch you; it’s slow, keep moving; don’t go into a place that has only one exit; you sleep with someone to pass it on; if it kills the person it’s following, it goes back after the last person, and so on and so on; oh, and once you pass it on, you can still see it.

If you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading here. You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚

The group of horrid teenagers starts off with three girls and two boys. The first is the girl, Jay, that was initially given the thing.Β There’s her sister, some kid who’s in love with Jay, and another boy and girl who I can’t recall who they are other than they are around, I imagine.

We know no one can see it if it hasn’t been passed to them. The dynamics of the group are such that, they could easily pass it to everyone in the group, and everyone could see it and stand guard, and they would be able to work together, right?

No. No that’s not what happens. The girl trusts the one random dood who she barely even likes to do the dirty with and pass it to him. He gets complacent and one night she sees the thing breaking into his house, and it kills him. From then on, it’s a lot of running and planning and plotting and a lot of failure. At one point, she seduces some doods on a boat, and the thing still comes after her… so they presumably die.

They come to a point where they think they’ve stopped it, the girl does the dirty with the boy who’s all helplessly in love with her, and then we see them walking down the street, hand in hand… and as the camera zooms out, it’s following behind them, then BAM! Cut to black. This is the bit my husband hated. WHY DIDN’T IT END IN THE POOL! <- says he. πŸ™‚

It’s pretty thrilling, in spite of being predictable. It’s the kind of movie that could easily have a dozen sequels, and that wouldn’t bother me at all. I’m sure I’d watch them.

There it is… Maybe… 7 out of 10. πŸ™‚