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Lots Going On

Seems I haven’t manged to write much for this site over the summer. The summer has been quite insane. Let me lay it out.


  • New house
    • Sale of the old house not happening
    • Pipe burst in the old house and leaked for days before we found it
      • Insurance company paying for all the things
      • Repairs will take about a month
      • Guy wants to put in an offer on the house but refuses to until he’s sure that the work will be done before the appraisal. Blargh
        • Guy’s real estate agent is on vacation for the next 10 days so I have to wait until then to find out if the “one month” timeframe is acceptable.
  • First brand new car
    • Wreck
      • Hospital visit
      • Rental car for 2 weeks while care is fixed
      • Other guy’s insurance paying for all the things
  • Gallbladder attack
    • EKG
      • Stress Test
      • Nuclear Stress Test
      • Results not forthcoming
    • HIDA Scan
      • Totally normal, woohoo
  • New job
    • Better pay, but way more responsibility
    • Stress of letting the old work go
    • Learning all the new people and processes
  • New school for the kids
    • Oldest kid is hormonal and 13
  • Follow-Up to Biopsy of girl parts
    • Decision to have surgery
    • Further testing to justify surgery to insurance
    • How to work timing and recovery so as not to create a financial burden on the family with two mortgage
  • My dad is dying. No other words for it.
  • Chronic gastric issues lead to me being completely incapable of being productive in the evenings
    • No medications help
    • Surgeon offered to remove my stomach but not my gallbladder


Needless to say, I’m super tired. Super super tired. I’m not even social media-ing at the moment, really. I’m convinced that if I sell my first house… Everything else will just fall into place. But until then, I’m trying to focus on the family and not focus too much externally.

Thanks for your patience!