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Social Media Morons


Tearing families apart quicker than liquor

So… I’m all about debate. I am sure some of you have no idea about my past. For roughly six years I managed a board for a guy in California that was geared toward debate of the religious, political, philosophical. He was a conservative christian, I was an atheist anarchist. We were worlds apart, but we got along very well in terms of running the place.

To this end, I encourage people to challenge my ideas. I want to be challenged. I want to have the best, most defensible, most logical conclusions based on the evidence and other assumptions I make about the world around me.

So then what am I so worked up about? Someone I don’t know, who doesn’t post on any of my posts, who I don’t have in my own circles, randomly posting a single word, meant only to be offensive. Not to engage. Not to challenge. To puff out his chest and feel superior. Well, buddy, go feel superior somewhere else. I won’t be trolled by you more than once.

What else ticks me off about social media? Family. Fucking family. Seriously. Social media is certainly a place to say what’s on your mind. But when I challenge the things that are on your mind, totally respectfully and honestly, and your only response is to chew my shit and tell me if I don’t like what you have to say I don’t have to read it… to act with zero respect, zero decorum, and expect me to just smile and be sweet the next time you’re at a family gathering with me? No. Fuck you. If you can’t behave reasonably on FACEBOOK of all places, I have no room for you in my REAL LIFE either.

And there’s my two cents.