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Review: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer-2Snowpiercer… This is an interesting one. I thought it was clever in a lot of ways. I really did. But the end was a tremendous disappointment. I don’t know what I expected, but I expected something more than that.

Acting was pretty good. I’ll give it that. Visuals were pretty awesome. The idea for the drug in film was creative, I thought.

On the whole, I’d recommend it with maybe 3 out of 5 stars… Which reminds me, I need to come up with a rating system and calculations. 🙂



I just got this poster. Having a hard time figuring out where to put it. We suck at decorating. No theme or sense of continuity at all. I’m not bothered by it except that I don’t know what to do with the new additions. 🙂

Also, I don’t think I’m all that amazing, but I can draw lines in my mind between words I know. This was very obviously a bad idea. You can’t tell me that people who survived that long in the zombie apocalypse didn’t also have _some_ idea.



51RWSWEDGYLWanting to post this real quick so I remember.

Unalive: “Night of the Living Dead meets The Book of Eli”

I have a feeling this book is in my future. Will have to post a review if I ever get to it.