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Lots Going On

Seems I haven’t manged to write much for this site over the summer. The summer has been quite insane. Let me lay it out.


  • New house
    • Sale of the old house not happening
    • Pipe burst in the old house and leaked for days before we found it
      • Insurance company paying for all the things
      • Repairs will take about a month
      • Guy wants to put in an offer on the house but refuses to until he’s sure that the work will be done before the appraisal. Blargh
        • Guy’s real estate agent is on vacation for the next 10 days so I have to wait until then to find out if the “one month” timeframe is acceptable.
  • First brand new car
    • Wreck
      • Hospital visit
      • Rental car for 2 weeks while care is fixed
      • Other guy’s insurance paying for all the things
  • Gallbladder attack
    • EKG
      • Stress Test
      • Nuclear Stress Test
      • Results not forthcoming
    • HIDA Scan
      • Totally normal, woohoo
  • New job
    • Better pay, but way more responsibility
    • Stress of letting the old work go
    • Learning all the new people and processes
  • New school for the kids
    • Oldest kid is hormonal and 13
  • Follow-Up to Biopsy of girl parts
    • Decision to have surgery
    • Further testing to justify surgery to insurance
    • How to work timing and recovery so as not to create a financial burden on the family with two mortgage
  • My dad is dying. No other words for it.
  • Chronic gastric issues lead to me being completely incapable of being productive in the evenings
    • No medications help
    • Surgeon offered to remove my stomach but not my gallbladder


Needless to say, I’m super tired. Super super tired. I’m not even social media-ing at the moment, really. I’m convinced that if I sell my first house… Everything else will just fall into place. But until then, I’m trying to focus on the family and not focus too much externally.

Thanks for your patience!

#TaxationIsTheft Day

So I participated in the #TaxationIsTheft day on Twitter and Google Plus.

The idea was to get the hashtag to trend on tax day. It, however, did not. I know I, myself, posted at least 200 posts with the hashtag in a three hour stint of posting on Twitter. It never trended.

Oh well, at least we are raising awareness, eh? 🙂

Please feel free to have a look here to see my complete collection of #TaxationIsTheft memes. Otherwise, here are some examples.


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Review: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer-2Snowpiercer… This is an interesting one. I thought it was clever in a lot of ways. I really did. But the end was a tremendous disappointment. I don’t know what I expected, but I expected something more than that.

Acting was pretty good. I’ll give it that. Visuals were pretty awesome. The idea for the drug in film was creative, I thought.

On the whole, I’d recommend it with maybe 3 out of 5 stars… Which reminds me, I need to come up with a rating system and calculations. 🙂


Someone told me recently that they constantly disappoint themselves. I replied, probably with somewhat less sensitivity than I ought to have, that I rarely disappoint myself.

Thinking about it, I’m curious why that is. Have I disappointed myself? Oh absolutely, and spectacularly. It just isn’t a frequent occurrence. Why not? Let’s look at some of those disappointments.

One of the ways I spectacularly disappoint myself (though not so much anymore) is getting involved with morons. Being able to look past the signs that they are morons who are going to make my life hell. What is the lesson here? Be cautious, and be more concerned about myself and my future. Is that important to everyone? No. But it is important to me. I had to live through some bad times to figure it out.

Another way is thinking more about what I belive people are capable of rather than just accepting what they are and moving on. I didn’t learn this lesson well enough with my alcoholic father at the age of 15 apparently. I went through many iterations of seeing how much more a person could be, setting high standards for them, and being crushed when they continue to do and be what they have always and been. I can’t change people, fundamentally. And really, morally, it is wrong to even try. Do you have to agree with me about this? Not even remotely. Remember we are talking about my self-discovery here.

Let’s move on to more internal failures. I have devoted a lot of my energy in the last decade to figuring out where my sense of self and my ideas of right and wrong come from. I am a very principled woman as a result. I don’t generally violate my principles. The pain of doing so is so great to me, that I feel the pain of those transgressions even today. Think of it more like a bad knee that acts up in a storm rather than me holding onto guilt. It isn’t a burden. It’s a reminder why we don’t do what we have done in the past. This particular incident involved me breaking my word. I didn’t lie. But I said I wouldn’t do something and I did it. Fessing up to it was the most painful thing I have ever done. I am not an oath braker. I have learned to not give a word I can’t keep and not break a word I have given. My integrity is everything to me. No one will ever say of me that I lack integrity. If integrity is not what’s important to you, that’s for you to figure out. But for me, it is more important than anything else.

Being a principled woman in an immoral world is hard. I have to remember that the world isn’t ready for the awesome that is me, and I have to forgive myself for doing what I must to survive in this world even what it clashes with my worldview.

And that’s the magic I think. Knowing yourself, knowing what’s important to you, and having the strength of character to not compromise yourself for others.

Real Conversations Part 1

Husband: What’s it doing?
Me: Nothing but some fun techno.
Him: Want me to bring some glow sticks?
Me: I have some in the back. But this isn’t a real rave without the X.
Him : I have some muscle relaxers.
Me: That’s a start.

I’m still laughing. 🙂 I love my husband.

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The Princess Bride Gallery

decent-fellowI just posted a new gallery, all. The Princess Bride! Squee!!

Now, here’s your homework… help me devise a Princess Bride themed tattoo.


Boogie Monster

61YSFJHJXSLSo, ages and ages ago, I became acquainted with Gnarls Barkley, mainly through the album St. Elsewhere. Still my favorite. I listen to it a lot at work because it’s up-beat and the songs are short. Somehow, it makes my ADD brain happy. That said, there’s a song on that album called Boogie Monster. I love it. And every time I hear this one verse, it makes me squee… it is so deep, so profound, and so true of all the boogie monsters we invent for ourselves… well, mostly. Some of them are real. But usually it’s this:

I used to wonder why he looked familiar
Then I realized it was a mirror
And now it is plain to see
The whole time the monster was me


… the whole time, the monster was me. 🙂 Don’t we all wrestle with our inner monsters more than external ones? I do.

Feel free to click here to enjoy the song if you are an All Access member. Otherwise, there’s Youtube.

[su_youtube url=”″]