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NCIS: I’m a junkie

So… I am an anarchist. This means that I have a fundamental problem with the idea of “police” and “police agencies” and codified law. But, I love NCIS. Let me count the ways…

I love Zeva David. She loves to be a kid, something I’m sure she didn’t have much as a child (yes, I know she’s a fictional character). She’s very smart, very fast, tough, but just the right mix of sensitive and strong. 🙂

I love Tim McGee. He’s your prototypical nerd. I would totally date him. No joke. And I did just rediscover a scene from one of the very early episodes where McGee finds out that Abby sleeps in a coffin, and he says, “You let me _sleep_ in a coffin!?” And Abby replies, “Not just _sleep.”_ Bwahahahahahahahaha

I love Tony DiNozzo. He _is_ the class clown. We know that he’s extremely sensitive and his clownery is how he hides all that away. But he does _love_ Zeva, and I feel that he would risk just as much for Tim or Abby or Ducky as he has risked for Zeva and Gibbs in the past. I think that he is fiercely loyal. I love how he handles his father, and I sympathize with the unease he feels when his father appears out of nowhere.

I love Gibbs. He’s a good guy and a bad guy. He has his own set of rules, which appeals to me on a very basic level. But his rules allow him to take lives when it suits him. He is vengeful in a way that makes me uncomfortable from time to time. But he would never ask anyone to act in a way that would compromise their own values, no matter how much it may hurt him. He loves everyone enough to let them be themselves without interfering. He’ll smack you when you’re a moron, he’ll hold you when you’re broken, and he’ll burn down the world to save you. The father none of us ever had but all wish we did.

I _love_ Jimmy Palmer. The things that he interjects that always irritate Gibbs, are always adorable and fun and relevant… Jimmy Palmer relates to the world much the way I do. I appreciate that. He’s smart, though maybe a bit too trusting at times. He’s dedicated. He’s honest.

I ADORE Dr. Mallard. Ducky is gramps. Everyone’s grandfather who has stories about all of the things. He has a great understanding of other people’s motivations and he is very observant. We know that when he was younger, he was involved in much more secretive stuff, like Gibbs was involved in. He’s capable of _great_ fury, but generally, he’s very sweet and a great listener.

My favorite is Abbs. Abby. Ms. Schuto. I know her tattoos are fake. I know that she’s written to be everyone’s kid sister. But you don’t just act a part. Especially after so much time, the part becomes a part of you as much as you become a part of it. Pauley Perrette is actually a forensic scientist by trade. She’s also really from New Orleans. Everyone says that she makes goth adorable. I don’t think Abby is a goth. I think Abby is herself. Probably more herself than anyone else. There’s an innocence about her. She hasn’t been spoiled by anything, even the awful things she bears witness to over the course of the average day at work. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Vance. Vance is interesting. Vance… I know that Vance keeps a lot of things very close to the vest. Not unlike Jenny Shepherd did. I know that he doesn’t have nearly the connection with Gibbs that she did. And while he is always a hard-ass, I feel like he is every bit as protective and loyal as Jenny would have been… of all of them… I do not think that there will ever be a Vance betrayal. I feel like he can be trusted.

There you have it. My feelings about the entirety of the main cast of NCIS.

I think that I get over my hatred of police and law in order to watch this show because 99.9% of the time, they’re investigating a death. Whatever the law is or isn’t, investigating death will always be worthy and proper. I can live with it. Lying, entrapment, violation, I cringe at, even in this show. But I get over it. 🙂

Have a good day, all!



I just got this poster. Having a hard time figuring out where to put it. We suck at decorating. No theme or sense of continuity at all. I’m not bothered by it except that I don’t know what to do with the new additions. 🙂

Also, I don’t think I’m all that amazing, but I can draw lines in my mind between words I know. This was very obviously a bad idea. You can’t tell me that people who survived that long in the zombie apocalypse didn’t also have _some_ idea.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.So I watched the first season of this show. I cannot believe how much I have come to love the characters on this show. I felt so betrayed when the betrayal happens. I have come to trust characters that we have been made to distrust. I try really hard to not get too caught up in the drama, but I cannot help it here. I think this show is really well done. I absolutely hate getting into a show because I know just how easily shows get cancelled anymore. I worry that this one will be a victim of “We don’t want girls watching.” Bastard TV execs.

What I can’t help but wonder here is if it is part of my anarchist side that loves this show. Coulson is operating nearly completely autonomously of the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. He flouts their rules, he has a wonderful sense of who others are and what they need and when they need it. Betrayal happens, but no one is perfect. I have no doubt that Coulson blames himself, but I haven’t seen the second season yet to know how this bit plays out.

I will watch this second season hating every moment of drama and loving it in spite of myself. 🙂

The WWE, tonight…



So… I’m not directly into wrestling. I’m into wrestling by proxy. My husband is a huge fan. Right now, we’re watching the Wrestlemania Pre-Show on the WWE network on our PS3.

The Great White

The Great White

I’m a huge fan of Sheamus. Authentic Irishman. White as a ghost. Awesome. He’s been on leave for a while. Huge fan of The Rock. You know why? His damn smile. He and Chris Hemsworth. It’s the smile. Yeah, they are big strong doods, but that’s really not important to me. I LOVE the SMILES. I love my husband’s smile. 🙂

If you smell what The Rock is COOKIN'!!

If you smell what The Rock is COOKIN’!!

Right now, I like Roman Reigns. He’s not to popular with the WWE Universe at the moment but I’d like to see him do well. He’s going to be at the Comic Con in Philly in May. Turns out we’re not going, but that’s ok. I’ll live. 🙂

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns

Wrestlemania starts in 15 minutes. I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂 The whole family gets to enjoy it all together. It’s awesome.

Networks Don’t Want Girls Watching Superheroes


Justice League

One of my most favorite cartoons about superheroes. Like, ever. I’m the girl who loves superheroes. I’mma be honest, I don’t get hot over comics, though I have been known to get into comics _because_ I love what I’ve seen on TV (i.e. The Walking Dead). That said, I was pissed about what I read here.

DINI: “That’s the thing, you know I hate being Mr. Sour Grapes here, but I’ll just lay it on the line: that’s the thing that got us cancelled on Tower Prep, honest-to-God was, like, ‘we need boys, but we need girls right there, right one step behind the boys’—this is the network talking—’one step behind the boys, not as smart as the boys, not as interesting as the boys, but right there.’ And then we began writing stories that got into the two girls’ back stories, and they were really interesting. And suddenly we had families and girls watching, and girls really became a big part of our audience, in sort of like they picked up that Harry Potter type of serialized way, which is what The Batman and [indistinct]’s really gonna kill. But, the Cartoon Network was saying, ‘F***, no, we want the boys’ action, it’s boys’ action, this goofy boy humor we’ve gotta get that in there. And we can’t—’ and I’d say, but look at the numbers, we’ve got parents watching, with the families, and then when you break it down—’Yeah, but the—so many—we’ve got too many girls. We need more boys.'”

As a girl who walks around with $1000+ of tech gear, I’m a nerd. I’m a freaking nerd if ever there was a nerd. I buy board games, tshirts, lunch boxes, everything that has stuff to do with my heroes (Doctor Who, anyone?). I’m a girl who doesn’t direct my girls in how they should behave _because_ they are girls. My youngest has been through the “I want to be Spiderman” and “I want to be Batman” stages, and we’ve indulged her as a family in all of those nerdisms. Lego Marvel and Minecraft are her current obsessions. That and… My Little Pony. 🙂

Apparently we’re not good enough.


Fight for Control

Ok, folks, here’s a place where you’re going to realize just how nerdy I am about this show. And not just this show, but everything I have _learned_ from this show about such things as the physics of flight, civil aviation, engineering, metallurgy, accident investigation, airline manufacturers, and improvements in flight safety as a result of these generally horrific accidents.

Well here’s a not so horrific accident. Boys and girls, this is one of those rare occurrences when I join the 9th Doctor in saying, “Just this once, everybody lives!!” It’s a rare treat. A very rare treat. And here to present it to you Air Disasters S4E1, AKA Air Crash Investigation S12E1.

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Totally Random: Philly Comic Con

philadelphia-comic-con-2014-wizard-world-convention-june-19-20-21-22-2014-thur-fri-sat-sun-14It looks like I might be going to this thing… I mean… Maybe… I’m super freaking out right now at the very thought that this might be happening. OMG! The short list of folks I want to see while I’m there: Billie Piper, David Tennant, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau (remember Sylvia?), Danny Trejo, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Sting, Karl Urban, Adrian Paul (SWOON).

Folks, I’m just freaking… freaking out… OMG!

The Rivers


River: They weren’t cows inside. They were waiting to be, but they forgot. Now they see sky, and they remember what they are.
Mal: Is it bad that what she said made perfect sense to me?


I love River. I knew from the moment I saw her she was capable of more than I could imagine. I kept saying… why is she allowing this? She could lay waste and save them all! And she does. Oh does she.

You know what other River I love? River Song.


River Song


The beautiful, snarky, amazing wife of the Doctor.

German Officer: What are you doing here?
River: Well. I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled, when I suddenly thought, “Gosh. The Third Reich’s a bit rubbish. I think I’ll kill the Führer.” Who’s with me?
German Officer: Shoot her.

Who wouldn’t love that sense of humor?

Good morning, all!

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