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Girl Anachornism

I hadn’t listened to any Dresden Dolls. I have my favorites… Pierre was a great one. Coin Operated Boy… Loved it. Half Jack is a little to real for me. So… Today… We’re going to talk about Girl Anachronism.

(Click here for the lyrics and you can listen if you have All Access, click here for YouTube)

You can tell
From the scars on my arms
And the cracks in my hips
And the dents in my car
And the blisters on my lips
That I’m not the carefullest of girls

You can tell
From the glass on the floor
And the strings that’re breaking
And I keep on breaking more
And it looks like I am shaking
But it’s just the temperature

And then again
If it were any colder I could disengage
If I were any older I could act my age
But I don’t think that you’d believe me

It’s not the way
I’m meant to be
It’s just the way
The operation made me

And you can tell
From the state of my room
That they let me out too soon
And the pills that I ate
Came a couple years too late
And I’ve got some issues to work through

There I go again
Pretending to be you
Make believing
That I have a soul beneath the surface
Trying to convince you
It was accidentally on purpose

I am not so serious
This passion is a plagiarism
I might join your century
But only on a rare occasion

I was taken out
Before the labor pains set in and now
Behold the world’s worst accident
I am the girl anachronism

And you can tell
By the red in my eyes
And the bruises on my thighs
And the knots in my hair
And the bathtub full of flies
That I’m not right now at all

There I go again
Pretending that I’ll fall
Don’t call the doctors
‘Cause they’ve seen it all before
They’ll say just

Let her crash
And burn
She’ll learn
The attention just encourages her

And you can tell
From the full-body cast
That I’m sorry that I asked
Though you did everything you could
Like any decent person would

But I might be catching so don’t touch
You’ll start believing
You’re immune to gravity and stuff
Don’t get me wet
Because the bandages will all come off

And you can tell
From the smoke at the stake
That the current state is critical
Well it is the little things, for instance

In the time it takes to break it
She can make up ten excuses
Please excuse her for the day
It’s just the way the medication makes her

I don’t necessarily believe there is a cure for this
So I might join your century but only as a doubtful guest
I was too precarious removed as a caesarian
Behold the worlds worst accident

I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism

I am the girl
I am the girl
I am the girl
I am the girl anachronism

And this, friends, is why Amanda Palmer is a lyrical genius. She’s weird. She knows it. And she’s fabulous. I feel like she’s talking about me, and I’m totally cool with that. “I might join your century but only on a rare occasion” and “if I were any older I could act my age.” Love, love, love it.

I thought about getting really deep into what the song means to me… But I suddenly remembered my 11th grade english teacher telling us over and over and over that poetry was interpretive. It means something different to everyone who reads it and that’s the beauty of it… and then every time I was asked what something meant in a line of poetry, I was categorically incorrect. So much for that theory.

I am not afraid of being wrong. I embrace it. But I’m not about to tell you what _you_ should get out of this. I just want you to enjoy it.

Have a great day!




Snowpiercer (2013)

So… I didn’t know what to think of this thing… I really wasn’t sure. I mean… It’s got the guy who plays Captian America… I was shocked to find that the evil woman was the chick who plays Gabriel in Constantine and Orlando in Orlando.

The movie, I’ll admit, did _not_ go as I had expected. It was a typical dystopia, it was surprisingly well made. It apparently made nothing in the US relatively speaking, but did huge abroad. I think it was an independent flick anyway, based on a french graphic novel.

I’m trying hard to say things about this movie without giving too much away. It’s really crazy. I will say that it repeats quite a bit this very strong reinforcement of social class. So much so that it hurts me to witness it throughout the movie. Every bit of society is represented here in this little world. Some believe it is all that is left of humanity, even.

The plot goes like this: someone has come up with a chemical to cool the earth, to counter global warming, and it plunges us into a sort of ice age. Aware of this future, the man named Wilton builds a train that will run forever, around the earth, once a year, and he takes enough people onto this train to sustain a closed ecosystem. The movie is about how he accomplishes this and how the social dynamics in the train change over time.

I really liked it and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys apocalypse and dystopia.

Networks Don’t Want Girls Watching Superheroes


Justice League

One of my most favorite cartoons about superheroes. Like, ever. I’m the girl who loves superheroes. I’mma be honest, I don’t get hot over comics, though I have been known to get into comics _because_ I love what I’ve seen on TV (i.e. The Walking Dead). That said, I was pissed about what I read here.

DINI: “That’s the thing, you know I hate being Mr. Sour Grapes here, but I’ll just lay it on the line: that’s the thing that got us cancelled on Tower Prep, honest-to-God was, like, ‘we need boys, but we need girls right there, right one step behind the boys’—this is the network talking—’one step behind the boys, not as smart as the boys, not as interesting as the boys, but right there.’ And then we began writing stories that got into the two girls’ back stories, and they were really interesting. And suddenly we had families and girls watching, and girls really became a big part of our audience, in sort of like they picked up that Harry Potter type of serialized way, which is what The Batman and [indistinct]’s really gonna kill. But, the Cartoon Network was saying, ‘F***, no, we want the boys’ action, it’s boys’ action, this goofy boy humor we’ve gotta get that in there. And we can’t—’ and I’d say, but look at the numbers, we’ve got parents watching, with the families, and then when you break it down—’Yeah, but the—so many—we’ve got too many girls. We need more boys.'”

As a girl who walks around with $1000+ of tech gear, I’m a nerd. I’m a freaking nerd if ever there was a nerd. I buy board games, tshirts, lunch boxes, everything that has stuff to do with my heroes (Doctor Who, anyone?). I’m a girl who doesn’t direct my girls in how they should behave _because_ they are girls. My youngest has been through the “I want to be Spiderman” and “I want to be Batman” stages, and we’ve indulged her as a family in all of those nerdisms. Lego Marvel and Minecraft are her current obsessions. That and… My Little Pony. 🙂

Apparently we’re not good enough.


Foamy… Help Desk… Experience

So… I can’t log into my company’s benefits website. It’s kinda tricky because my husband works for the same company and he’s the one who holds the insurance.

Me: I can’t log into the benefits website. I’ve always logged in as an employee. It won’t let me in now. Not as an employee, not as a spouse of an employee. It won’t let me register either, because it says I’ve already registered.


Tech Support: Do you mean the benefits website or this other website?


Me: I mean the benefits website.


Tech Support: You have an account. Are you trying to log in as a spouse?

Me: I’ve tried to log in in all the ways. I’m an employee and I’m a spouse of an employee. I’ve tried them all.


Tech Support: Can you show us screenshots.


Me: This is what happens when I try to log in as an employee. This is what happens when I try to log in as a spouse. This is what happens when I try to recover my username. This is what happens when I try to recover my password.


Tech Support: Have you tried to recover your password?


Me: This is what happens when I try to recover my password, after I’ve tried to recover my username.


Tech Support: Have you tried to recover your username?


Me: Yes.


Tech Support: Have you tried to register as a spouse?

This is where I spell out exactly what I said in the first email… again… And I’m not happy. I’m so not happy. I manage a website with thousands of customers around the world. I manage a website and I support it. I support it and I expect the people who support sites I pay for with my hard earned money (i.e. my insurance premiums) to have half a fucking clue. Is that really SO MUCH to ask?

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Social Media Morons


Tearing families apart quicker than liquor

So… I’m all about debate. I am sure some of you have no idea about my past. For roughly six years I managed a board for a guy in California that was geared toward debate of the religious, political, philosophical. He was a conservative christian, I was an atheist anarchist. We were worlds apart, but we got along very well in terms of running the place.

To this end, I encourage people to challenge my ideas. I want to be challenged. I want to have the best, most defensible, most logical conclusions based on the evidence and other assumptions I make about the world around me.

So then what am I so worked up about? Someone I don’t know, who doesn’t post on any of my posts, who I don’t have in my own circles, randomly posting a single word, meant only to be offensive. Not to engage. Not to challenge. To puff out his chest and feel superior. Well, buddy, go feel superior somewhere else. I won’t be trolled by you more than once.

What else ticks me off about social media? Family. Fucking family. Seriously. Social media is certainly a place to say what’s on your mind. But when I challenge the things that are on your mind, totally respectfully and honestly, and your only response is to chew my shit and tell me if I don’t like what you have to say I don’t have to read it… to act with zero respect, zero decorum, and expect me to just smile and be sweet the next time you’re at a family gathering with me? No. Fuck you. If you can’t behave reasonably on FACEBOOK of all places, I have no room for you in my REAL LIFE either.

And there’s my two cents.