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Lots Going On

Seems I haven’t manged to write much for this site over the summer. The summer has been quite insane. Let me lay it out.


  • New house
    • Sale of the old house not happening
    • Pipe burst in the old house and leaked for days before we found it
      • Insurance company paying for all the things
      • Repairs will take about a month
      • Guy wants to put in an offer on the house but refuses to until he’s sure that the work will be done before the appraisal. Blargh
        • Guy’s real estate agent is on vacation for the next 10 days so I have to wait until then to find out if the “one month” timeframe is acceptable.
  • First brand new car
    • Wreck
      • Hospital visit
      • Rental car for 2 weeks while care is fixed
      • Other guy’s insurance paying for all the things
  • Gallbladder attack
    • EKG
      • Stress Test
      • Nuclear Stress Test
      • Results not forthcoming
    • HIDA Scan
      • Totally normal, woohoo
  • New job
    • Better pay, but way more responsibility
    • Stress of letting the old work go
    • Learning all the new people and processes
  • New school for the kids
    • Oldest kid is hormonal and 13
  • Follow-Up to Biopsy of girl parts
    • Decision to have surgery
    • Further testing to justify surgery to insurance
    • How to work timing and recovery so as not to create a financial burden on the family with two mortgage
  • My dad is dying. No other words for it.
  • Chronic gastric issues lead to me being completely incapable of being productive in the evenings
    • No medications help
    • Surgeon offered to remove my stomach but not my gallbladder


Needless to say, I’m super tired. Super super tired. I’m not even social media-ing at the moment, really. I’m convinced that if I sell my first house… Everything else will just fall into place. But until then, I’m trying to focus on the family and not focus too much externally.

Thanks for your patience!

Android Auto

One of the things I am, folks, is a nerd for technology. I love all of the newest things. I love them and I frequently get them, even if I don’t mean to.

A lover of technology I am, and I reside quite squarely in the Android world. I’ve _tried_ to get into the iOS thing but… I’ve failed. I really just _like_ Android better. But… What I am not is a fangirl. Because I am not a fangirl, I had exactly no idea what Android Auto was. Nor did I know how new it was.

Electric Blue Metallic-N4B-17,48,105-640-en_USVery recently, I had gotten so entirely irritated with my 2006 Town & Country I decided it was time to sell it back to the dealership. I was not about to sink that much more money into the thing to repair it. But then, of course, there I was in need of a vehicle, right? I was very much after something with good fuel economy. I was going to be driving 25 miles each way to and from work, and I was tired also of 18 MPG. I had done some test drives of cars with good mileage that were the kind of car I was looking for, but I ended up going with the 2017 Hyundai Elantra.

This car, for me, gets 40 MPG highway, easy. But… That’s not what this is about. This is about Android Auto. I was told by my sales guy (who I adore, btw) something like, “It lets you see your phone’s… desktop… on your display.” <- This wasn’t exceptionally helpful, but I am good at figuring things out. Here’s what I found…

It allows me to open and initiate the audio programs on my phone… any of them… I have Google Music and Audible, which is pretty common, but I also use OverDrive for audiobooks. It lets me start them even though they weren’t previously open. This is a big deal. Other bluetooth radios in cars that I’ve used (a custom Kenwood and a stock system in a 2015 Impala) require that the audio program have been loaded and still be open in the processes (i.e. you can see it in the notifications panel) before it can be initiated, and you cannot change audio programs without a great deal of work. This is annoying. I can switch between them all, seamlessly, with Android Auto, no matter their state. There is only ONE part of this that annoys me: It won’t let you change playlists in Google Music. You have to play the last playlist you loaded or open your phone to pick a new one. You can, however, see all of the songs in the loaded playlist in Android Auto.

Android_Auto_ScreenshotIt works with Google Maps and Navigation. VERY VERY WELL. I love it. It is absolutely amazing. I hit the button on the steering wheel, I say the name of the place I want to go, Google returns a map entry for the place in question, I hit a button, and it tells me where to go. It got me straight to the IU Med Center in Indianapolis. It’s gotten me to restaurants, stores, and all of the things I’ve tried it with with no issues… which does speak volumes to the accuracy of Google Maps and it’s navigation features, but… But I really like the way it works with the display and the audio in the car.

When I call people from Android Auto, it’s really interesting. I shows me the picture for the contact I have in my phone. I love that. I love seeing the person I’m calling. The native Bluetooth calling in the car works well, but it’s not this fun. I really do like it.

There is only one thing I _don’t_ like… If my phone is already plugged into the USB cable when the car is started, the car doesn’t recognize the phone and I have to unplug and plug back in the phone before Android Auto will start. It is at most, a minor inconvenience, and I don’t know if it’s a quirk of the car or the program.

There it is. My personal take on Android Auto. There is so much they could do with this, but it its current state, I find it extremely useful. I look forward to where it does go in time.

Girl Anachornism

I hadn’t listened to any Dresden Dolls. I have my favorites… Pierre was a great one. Coin Operated Boy… Loved it. Half Jack is a little to real for me. So… Today… We’re going to talk about Girl Anachronism.

(Click here for the lyrics and you can listen if you have All Access, click here for YouTube)

You can tell
From the scars on my arms
And the cracks in my hips
And the dents in my car
And the blisters on my lips
That I’m not the carefullest of girls

You can tell
From the glass on the floor
And the strings that’re breaking
And I keep on breaking more
And it looks like I am shaking
But it’s just the temperature

And then again
If it were any colder I could disengage
If I were any older I could act my age
But I don’t think that you’d believe me

It’s not the way
I’m meant to be
It’s just the way
The operation made me

And you can tell
From the state of my room
That they let me out too soon
And the pills that I ate
Came a couple years too late
And I’ve got some issues to work through

There I go again
Pretending to be you
Make believing
That I have a soul beneath the surface
Trying to convince you
It was accidentally on purpose

I am not so serious
This passion is a plagiarism
I might join your century
But only on a rare occasion

I was taken out
Before the labor pains set in and now
Behold the world’s worst accident
I am the girl anachronism

And you can tell
By the red in my eyes
And the bruises on my thighs
And the knots in my hair
And the bathtub full of flies
That I’m not right now at all

There I go again
Pretending that I’ll fall
Don’t call the doctors
‘Cause they’ve seen it all before
They’ll say just

Let her crash
And burn
She’ll learn
The attention just encourages her

And you can tell
From the full-body cast
That I’m sorry that I asked
Though you did everything you could
Like any decent person would

But I might be catching so don’t touch
You’ll start believing
You’re immune to gravity and stuff
Don’t get me wet
Because the bandages will all come off

And you can tell
From the smoke at the stake
That the current state is critical
Well it is the little things, for instance

In the time it takes to break it
She can make up ten excuses
Please excuse her for the day
It’s just the way the medication makes her

I don’t necessarily believe there is a cure for this
So I might join your century but only as a doubtful guest
I was too precarious removed as a caesarian
Behold the worlds worst accident

I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism
I am the girl anachronism

I am the girl
I am the girl
I am the girl
I am the girl anachronism

And this, friends, is why Amanda Palmer is a lyrical genius. She’s weird. She knows it. And she’s fabulous. I feel like she’s talking about me, and I’m totally cool with that. “I might join your century but only on a rare occasion” and “if I were any older I could act my age.” Love, love, love it.

I thought about getting really deep into what the song means to me… But I suddenly remembered my 11th grade english teacher telling us over and over and over that poetry was interpretive. It means something different to everyone who reads it and that’s the beauty of it… and then every time I was asked what something meant in a line of poetry, I was categorically incorrect. So much for that theory.

I am not afraid of being wrong. I embrace it. But I’m not about to tell you what _you_ should get out of this. I just want you to enjoy it.

Have a great day!


My Expected Absence

As is always the case… I get all hyped up on a blog and then lose steam. Why do I do this? I have no idea. I lose interest. I can’t write at work. I don’t write at home. My health, honestly, hasn’t been so great for the last several months. But I’ll tell you what… I spent some time the other night writing about movies. Good movies, bad movies, all the movies. There is plenty to keep me going. I was looking at all the things I’ve watched and I thought… There’s plenty of nerdy stuff here for me to talk about! This is how blogs are started! OH WAIT! I HAVE A BLOG!!

And that’s where I am. 🙂

My New Phone – Options

There’s a lot of hubbub about the up-and-coming flagship phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I’m really rather excited about it myself. There’s a trend in the current S-series devices that suggests that the new Note could move away from a removable battery and memory card slot. I recall when 4.4.2 prevented many of my apps from using the SD card the way they had previously and I had to root my phone in order to fix this issue. I was annoyed by this. Additionally, I haven’t performed a physical battery pull on my phone at all that I recall. I’ve had it since…. October maybe… It used to be a very common occurrence, but it doesn’t seem to be anymore. So between being able to get the phone with up to 128 gb internal storage (the current S6/S6 Edge option) to deal with the external SD card issue, and the fact that I care not to pull the battery on my phone these days, this seems like a reasonable move. I am not dissuaded by this trend.

That said I’ve seen that today was the announcement that the OnePlus One is no longer requiring invites for purchase. It’s a very good price and is running Cyanogen. It’s not quite as big as my Note. Not sure how I feel about that. Additionally, not even sure if compatible with Verizon and I’m in no rush to leave Verizon given my current perks and geography.

I’m also interested in the HTC One M9, but I’m not impressed with its size. I don’t know how I feel about the UI. Having been so used to TouchWiz (even dressed up with great launchers), I just don’t know. I’d have to see it in action.

There’s also the Nexus family of phones. Also small. Not huge in terms of internal storage. And I suppose there’s the Sony Xperia… the new generation of these phones is being announced, currently, or will be soon, I believe. I think I read about the one being sold exclusively in Japan.

I’ll do all of this research and comparison, and I will probably end up with the next Note. I really have loved all of my Samsung devices so far. I am thinking though that I may end up with the Dev edition straight from Samsung rather than the commercial version from Verizon. We’ll see. 🙂

Bose AE2W Bluetooth Headphones

BoseAE2wsideI got these headphones recently. It wasn’t a small decision. I ended up with a pair straight from the Bose store for about $180. I was in the market for dual-pairing, binaural, over-the-ear bluetooth headphones. I wasn’t interested in going cheap. I was interested in good, quality headphones with a great warranty and long life expectancy. I had heard great things from other folks I personally know who have these headphones, I’ve read a lot online, and I feel like I made the right decision.

I have two very small problems. First, it doesn’t come with a hard case by default. You can buy the case for the headphones for $15 on amazon. Very much worth it. Second, if the headset loses connection, either to the primary broadcasting device, or to any other secondary paired device, it has a problem continuing to play whatever it’s playing. Even if it is a time after the disconnection when you start playing again. I used to have to turn off my bluetooth on my phone and turn it back on again to get it to clear. This was, however, me being impatient. The problem corrects itself in a matter of seconds. It isn’t significant enough to dissuade me from making the purchase again if I’m faced with it. 🙂

So there you go, highly recommended. Bose AE2W Bluetooth Headphones. Worth every penny!

It always happens…

So it always happens that I start a blog and I post regularly for a while, and then I get distracted. I suppose this is the way of life for some of us. So maybe I shouldn’t feel bad. 🙂 I’m not trying to monetize so it’s not like I’m losing anything, really, by not posting five times a day.

Today, my main concern is this: My work web environment is poised to change. Into what, I don’t know. No one is really talking about it. I have a year before anyone gets too serious. Moving my work to a database driven site would be stellar. What I worry is that my corporate IT structure is going to just hand me down a solution without considering that my type of work isn’t the same as corporate communications. I’m not the queen of CMS technology by any stretch, but I am afraid that we are going to be handed an unworkable solution. 🙁

We’ll see. I’ve got time to freak out.


So I’ve been sick for a couple of days. Strep. Blargh. So I thought I’d give you something to bring a smile to your face.


Are you my mummy?

Nerdy Girl’s Stuff

So hi. First post. Lots to say, right? I suppose I’m just going to post about things that strike me from day to day. Nothing super spectacular. Sometimes deep. Sometimes funny. Sometimes downright offensive. But real. Always real. I am who I am and I like me.

First time I’ve had a blog in a long while, so as my first post, I just want to say: