I consider myself a nerd. I’m a nerd for my devices. I’m a nerd for music. I’m a nerd for Adventure Time. I’m a nerd for apocalyptic fiction. I’m a nerd for anything zombie. I’m a nerd for disaster preparedness. I’m a nerd for Doctor Who and Torchwood. I’m a nerd for beautiful smiles. I’m a nerd for guns. I’m a nerd for trivia games. I’m a nerd for Farmville 2: Country Escape (ask me and I’ll be glad to add you to FB so we can give each other speed seed, woot!).

I have piercings and tattoos. I’m in IT and work for a Fortune 500 company. I’m an Emergency Responder at work, and hope to soon be a state certified Emergency Medical Responder. I’m in my 30s. I have two kids and three cats and a wonderful husband who is also a nerd for some of the things I’m a nerd for.

I live in Indiana, where there’s lots of corn and lots of rednecks and trailer trash, but there’s also a lot of heart and soul, a lot of community and caring, a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity. I’m not popular as an atheist and an anti-state type. I’ll probably avoid those last two topics to some extent.

Anyhow, welcome to the space. I hope you enjoy yourself.