Review: Metal Tornado

Metal_Tornado_CoverSo… Metal Tornado.

I’m looking at this movie, and I’m thinking… LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS! HELL YEAH!

No. Just… No. The whole movie is… Well, it’s a lot like Bigfoot. With Bigfoot, I thought… OMG! It’s Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams! The Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch! OMG! This is going to be pure awesome!!

No. It was awful. It was so awful I highly recommend you don’t even bother with Bigfoot… Unless you want to be driven to self-harm.

I recommend that you only bother Metal Tornado if the idea of an electromagnetic tornado appeals to you at all and be warned that this lives right up to the awesome standards set by lowest-budget SyFy movies. Dear god.

Sharknado 2, this is not.

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